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What you actually do at work?
I work with our manufacturing sites to derive value from the various reliability systems we have implemented. This involves a lot of Meridium training and coaching. I also develop measures and metrics to communicate business performance and trends. And finally, I provide input and direction into the future vision for our reliability systems, and assist with various system projects and initiatives.
I’m pretty much a music nut and am always on the prowl for vinyl LPs and 45s, and I play drums in a band that plays only 60’s music. Other than that, the usual…raising kids, reading, hiking, beach-bumming, travel, writing Meridium queries…
How many Meridium Conferences have you attended?
I’ve probably been to 8 or so conferences.
Favorite Meridium Conference?
Probably Albuquerque. The resort was beautiful, and I got to ride in a hot air balloon (okay, so it was tethered and we only went up 20 feet, but still….). St. Petersburg Florida was nice as well…beautiful old hotel. I like that Meridium chooses unusual/off-the-beaten-path locations.
Best Meridium Conference Memory?
The moment that stands out the most was the staged gun fight at the old west town outside of Albuquerque. When Bonz confronted the villains with the line “You’ve seen my software, now taste my HARDWARE!!!” Cheesy, but classic. The picture with the Can Can girls was fun too, just don’t tell my wife…
How has attending Meridium Conference helped you?
I have picked up numerous technical tips & tricks from the presenters and the Meridium employees at the conferences. It has also been interesting to see how other companies leverage the Meridium platform. It is such a flexible tool that different companies often use it in completely different ways. The conferences have also been a great opportunity to participate in the focus groups and provide input to Meridium on the direction of the product (yes, that was me who suggested the “add related family” addition to the query builder!). Finally, the conferences provide an opportunity to see what’s new in Meridium.
Last/Recent professional accomplishment?
Just this week I completed the development of a standard package of information that will be used during the annual reliability oversight meetings at our various facilities. These meetings have been occurring for several years, but there has not been a consistent set of measures and information provided to guide the discussion. I leveraged Meridium extensively in the preparation of this package.


Company Name and Location:  Fllint Hills Resources
Hometown:  Atlanta, GA
Job Title:  Reliability Systems Leader

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