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What do you actually do at work?
Have been in the instrument field for almost 28 years, starting as an apprentice. I am now the supervisor of the department and am still learning every day, something new about the management side vs. union side.
Keeping up with a 12 year old son and spending time with my grandchildren. Hoping to someday travel to a warm place for the winters.
How many Meridium Conferences have you attended?
Favorite Meridium Conference?
San Antonio Texas 2014 - Love to spend time on River Walk (attended the Meridium pre-session training).
Best Meridium Conference Memory?
The opening session with Bonz Hart. Was very impressive with all the big screens. Great to hear about the future plans of Meridium in keeping with technology.
How has attending Meridium Conference helped you?
I like to see all the other uses for Meridium since we use such a small portion.
Last/Recent professional achievement?
Mine is more of a personal accomplishment - doing a presentation in front of people. On the professional side, achieving my Master’s Degree in Information Systems.


Company Name and Location:  Basin Electric Leland Olds Station - Stanton, ND
Hometown:  Washburn, ND
Job Title:  Instrument & Controls Supervisor

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