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What you actually do at work?
As a senior business analyst I perform a variety of activities from Meridium application support to new Meridium project development with the business, end-user training, team member mentoring, etc.
For 20 years my “hobby” was raising two awesome children. There wasn’t much time for anything else. Now that they are out of the house (both graduates from UC Santa Barbara!!) I hope to get back up relaxing hobbies like cross-stitch, crochet, read more books, hiking, etc.
How many Meridium Conferences have you attended?
Probably 10-12 over the years, starting in mid 90’s.
Favorite Meridium Conference?
Can’t pick a favorite – they are all fun.
Favorite Meridium Conference networking event?
I like events that highlight places/activities the area we are in is known for.
Best Meridium Conference Memory?
When everyone sang happy birthday to me during one of the Fall conferences… Back in the day when the conference was small!
How has attending Meridium Conference helped you?
Fostering relationships with both Meridium and other customers. One of my longest associations has been with Michelle Peet from PPG. We keep in touch, share challenges with upgrades, send family pics, etc. The conferences also give you a look ahead to what is coming in the future which is always good. Lastly, the conferences can give the customer an opportunity to influence future application design and functionality.
Last/Recent professional accomplishment?
After a painfully long 12 year gap in Meridium upgrades we finally moved off V2 and got to V3. That was huge for us. Now we are trying to get the business more engaged with tool functionality!


Company Name and Location:  Chevron, California
Hometown:  San Ramon, California
Job Title:  Senior Applications / Business Systems Analyst

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