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Increasing Availability and Uptime

Sustainable enterprise-wide visibility into your assets, access to analysis and information, and focused maintenance efforts have a significant effect on minimizing costly downtime. You need real-time operational data and tools to maximize output and return on assets, meet production targets and ensure the quality of your products

At Meridium Conference 2016, learn how Meridium Enterprise APM solution gives you plant data when you need it in a context that makes sense, to help accurately forecast performance and production numbers.

Cost Cutting and Optimization

Cost-optimizing for a wide range of financial, operational and maintenance challenges can bring you a major competitive advantage at the asset level. By integrating your equipment data across plants and business units, large-scale opportunities for improvement and focus areas are easily identified.

At Meridium Conference 2016, learn how using Meridium Enterprise APM to analyze the performance of assets drives smart cost-cutting, optimized maintenance spending, and ultimately leads to reductions in capital and total operating expenses.

Ensuring Safety and Compliance

Meridium can help you protect your people and your business from the threat of health, safety, and environmental incidents. Identify your most critical assets and prioritize safety and reliability efforts to reduce unplanned downtime and production losses, ensure safety and regulatory compliance, optimize production without increased risk and protect responsibility toward the public good.

At Meridium Conference 2016, learn how Meridium’s solutions anticipate, identify and quantify risk – from the costly to the catastrophic and provide operational visibility and analysis focused on reducing hazards to your organization.

Driving Sustainability

You need to grow your business by increasing shareholder value, driving innovation, and keeping your customers happy, while supporting corporate responsibility to your community, create business growth and shareholder value, maintain regulatory compliance, ensure customer satisfaction and community goodwill.

At Meridium Conference 2016, learn about Meridium's reliability and risk mitigation strategies help you protect your people, the environment, and your mission, empowering better corporate citizenship and advancing business success.

Demystifying and Leveraging the IIoT

Everyone’s talking about this revolution called the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) – which simply means thousands of machines and sensors are capturing massive amounts of information about every aspect of your equipment, including data on conditions, events, maintenance, operations, etc. The key to success in leveraging the IIoT is translating that data into meaningful information, and creating intelligent asset strategies to better manage asset performance.

At Meridium Conference 2016, learn how Meridium fulfills the promise of the IIoT by using this incoming asset data, as well as data from across all your plant, facility, and enterprise systems to assess and compare the current conditions of your equipment -- making overall asset health more predictable and exposing unknown operating risks.

Guaranteeing Line of Sight

Clear and integrated communication is essential to a successful business operation. Information barriers between managers, departments, and teams lead to inefficiencies that cost money and waste time. When maintenance can't see what operators and management are doing, work can get duplicated or overlooked, and, in some cases, put people and equipment at risk.

At Meridium Conference 2016, learn how Meridium's enterprise solutions are designed to enhance communications by taking data from across your organization and sharing it with the people and processes that need it. Our real-time reporting makes sure everyone is aligned when it comes to equipment health, performance issues and maintenance needs, giving you the visibility to prioritize work efficiently and effectively.

Managing Big Data

With the massive amount of information currently residing in existing enterprise asset management systems, real-time systems, historians, devices and condition monitoring systems, the promise of big data is using it to help your company stay competitive, profitable and innovative. The challenge with big data is making sense of all the information and putting it in the proper context for asset performance evaluation - using actionable analysis and predictive modeling to determine what, if anything should be done to change the way the asset is managed. Meridium knows the most critical element to an effective big data strategy is this understanding of the context of the data being gathered.

At Meridium Conference 2016, you’ll learn how to manage huge volumes of incoming information, ask the right questions, and use your big data to formulate intelligent asset strategies that can change your game in terms of how you manage your equipment.

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