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Asset-intensive companies demand predictable production at the lowest sustainable cost, starting with a clear picture of an enterprise’s overall asset health.   Using intelligent asset strategies, Meridium’s Asset Performance Management (APM) software and solutions can help your organization reduce operating risk and improve reliability by predicting and preventing asset failures. 

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Supermetanol and Super Octanos Drive Sustainable Improvements in APM

Located in the Barcelona area in Venezuela, Supermetanol and Super Octanos are sister companies. Super Octanos manufactures methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE) and Supermetanol produces metanol. Together, the two companies launched an Asset Performance Management (APM) project focused on improving availability, reducing costs and managing risk.

Challenges & Issues

Prior to APM project implementation, Supermetanol and Super Octanos had limited asset taxonomy and no taxonomy standardization between the two facilities. This circumstance limited their ability to fully leverage the maintenance-related data managed in their EAM system (Oracle eAM) to measure the organization’s equipment reliability and maintenance performance.

Successful integration of EAM system data with other asset-related data would allow the companies to identify assets experiencing the highest failure rates (bad actors) allowing them to develop strategies to mitigate future failures.


Using Meridium Consulting Services, the sister companies successfully developed standardized asset taxonomy for the categorization of their equipment assets (down to the equipment type) for the grouping of work history records. Using Meridium Failure Elimination work processes and supporting technology, the company then leveraged this standardized asset taxonomy to understand where their asset failures were occurring. Using the closed-loop Meridium Failure Elimination Work Process:

  • All equipment failures and health and environmental events are identified and reported
  • A work order is automatically created in Oracle eAM so corrective actions can be taken and tracked
  • The most significant lost production opportunities (LPOs) and equipment representing the highest cost (bad actors) are identified
  • Root cause analysis (RCA) is performed for medium-high events using the PROACT® for Meridium work process and application
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) are developed to track completion of recommendations


  • The Supermetanol and Super Octanos APM project has successfully implemented all five Meridium APM Work Processes.
  • The company projects potential primary reformer tube savings of 6,688,560 US$ and steam generation system savings of 1,785,600 US$ in association with the implementation of the Meridium Failure Elimination solutions.
  • The company also reports better-than-average maturity levels in reactive inefficiency, managed control, and strategic improvement than those of similar plants in the Jose complex.