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What we do

Asset-intensive companies demand predictable production at the lowest sustainable cost, starting with a clear picture of an enterprise’s overall asset health.   Using intelligent asset strategies, Meridium’s Asset Performance Management (APM) software and solutions can help your organization reduce operating risk and improve reliability by predicting and preventing asset failures. 

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Working together with our clients, we constantly look for ways to combine new data sources and software capabilities to solve your business challenges.

  • Enterprise-wide APM excellence gives you plant availability when you need it, to help meet production, quality and profitability targets and customer commitments.

  • Competitive pressures continue to drive doing more with less. Learn how to reduce asset-related unplanned events enabling optimization of operational and capital expenses.

  • Assure compliance and maintain your license to operate by reducing unplanned events, thus improving safety, health, and environmental performance.

  • Ensure corporate citizenship and protect people, the environment, and your business viability through strategy-driven asset reliability.

  • Learn how sharing data between all levels of your company can increase visibility and improve reliability efforts enterprise-wide.

  • Synthesize all your data sources and contextualize massive amounts of information to help you understand critical focus areas.

  • Assets, sensors and systems are getting smarter! Wired or wireless, machines are giving us more accurate information than ever before. So what do you do with it?

  • Ensure access to APM data for your workforce anywhere at any time with real time visibility on any device.